Football Tournaments

Welcome! The Five-A-Side Football Tournament is a seasonal competition for the Tea Cup, organized by Vauxhall Trust.

Next event: Sunday, 7th February, 2016

Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!  The Hustlers (Goals for Glory) have won six out of the last ten.

To enter a team: please email with your contact details, team name, and the ages of the players

We’re always looking for local sports clubs and business to support us. This is an incredible, growing, community event that involves everyone. So come down to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and join in!

Here’s some history:

The Tea House Theatre Team: Next time, guys! Next time!968938_644313268931044_1099578127_n

VGERTA yoof snapping at the heals of Goals for Glory – they put a goal past them in the group stage and in the final, but were obliterated 6-1. Learning how to lose is just as important; they’ll be back next year! 563113_726858147343222_2054776813_n

Brixton Team team talk. Did them no good, they were out in the group stage.


The beautiful game…you’ve got to be in it to win it!1459169_726858334009870_1717771660_n

It’s a beautiful day as the crowd gathers.994034_726858410676529_1182394366_n

Best part of the summer festival – the weather!

Man of the tournament so far, Jason Roberts.1458582_726858744009829_2095867784_n

Jumpers for goal posts, oranges for half time.1394361_726858690676501_686796142_n

The man on the right was our FA qualified coach and professional referee, Ese. The man on the left is just some fat, creepy lad who turned up on the day, and we couldn’t get rid of…1460996_726858677343169_1611831448_n

Angus Aagard is the local vicar and chair of the VGCC. He came with the church team, but were abandoned by the almighty and had to rely on the curate, David Longe. They got knocked out early.1464104_726858484009855_1198786408_n

The Tea Cup…in all its glory! (You probably can’t see it but all the winners from the last year are there.)

photo 3

Presenting some of our winners, who have earned their rightful place on the mantelpiece.

photo 2

Vauxhall Trust organises a seasonal 5-a-side football tournament on the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

Our next tournament will be on SUNDAY 27TH APRIL. Applications are now open!

Most recent winners ‘Goals For Glory’ (Jan ’14)


And here are our winners from Autumn ’13 – ‘The 89ers’


Previous winners ‘Goal’s for Glory’ (Spring ’13 & Summer ’13):


The captain of ‘The 89ers’ – the only team to ever beat Goals for Glory! Winners of the November tournament…but a no-show in January!


But the last minute stand-ins made a fist of it.


In memory of Mark Bennett, Mayor of Lambeth.

The Maureen Johnston Memorial Tea Cup 2014

The boys are oozing with enthusiasm! They’re geared up for the day!

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition!2

Maureen Johnston’s mother with the Tea Cup. Glorious!3

Maureen Johnston’s mum getting in with the boys. What a cracking day!4

Presenting the awesome Maureen Johnston Memerial Tea Cup!5

Previous winners Goals for Glory, got knocked out in the semi-finals. Here they are broken and beaten; some already gone crying home to their mothers.6